A psychological practice serving the people of

the Fleurieu peninsula and southern Adelaide

in South Australia We hope you find the following

general information helpful to assist us working

together effectively.



Tenancy 1, Unit 8/1 Zwerner Drive, Hallett Cove

Phone:  (08) 7228 5426

Fax:      (08) 7127 0768

Email: adminhc@fleurpsych.com.au – Hallett Cove



Tavwick House Unit 1, 116-118 Beach Road, Christies Beach

Phone: (08) 8326 4354

Fax:     (08) 8326 4359

Email: admin@fleurpsych.com.au – Christies Beach


Accounts will be sent directly to the paying agency, such as Workcover or Motor Accident Commission where there is an approved claim.  Please have available the name of your Case Manager and your Claim Number at your first appointment.  If the claim is not approved at the time of visit, clients are responsible for payment of the account and will need to discuss reimbursement with their Claims Manager.


Under the Better Access for Mental Health Scheme, clients referred by their General Practitioner on a Mental Health Care Plan can access up to ten visits per calendar year with a maximum of six sessions per GP referral.  After the number of sessions on your GP referral has been completed, if you wish to continue with therapy, you will be required to obtain a new referral from your GP, and you must see your GP prior to attending your next appointment with Fleurieu Psychology Services.  Please note: If a new referral is not in place, it will not be covered under Medicare, and the cost of the session will then become the responsibility of the client and will be billed at the usual full or concession fee with no rebate.

The Full Fee amount will need to be paid at the end of each session.  We can provide electronic processing of the rebate, which assists prompt refund of the rebate from Medicare into your bank account, if you have a card linked to a Savings or Cheque Account.  Otherwise, an invoice will be issued to enable you to claim the rebate back from Medicare yourself via MyGov online.

Clients who hold a current Health Care Card or other official Government Concession Card will be offered a Reduced Rate.

Costs Clinical Psychologists   Medicare  Rebate Balance Registered Psychologists Medicare Rebate Balance
Full Fee $200.00 $137.05 $62.95 $160.00 $93.35 $66.65
Concession Fee $160.00 $137.05 $22.95 $115.00 $93.35 $21.65


For privately paying clients who are not covered by Medicare, our fee is $200.00 per hour, some of which can usually be claimed back if your have private health cover.  It would be wise to confer with your fund prior to your visit.


We appreciate that circumstances may require appointments to be rescheduled.  It is important to give us as much notice as possible so that we offer available appointments to other clients who are seeking a consultation.  Fleurieu Psychology Services reserves the right to charge clients a $50.00 non attendance fee where appointments are missed without 24 hours notice.  This fee will be the responsibility of the client and not other paying parties.

PLEASE NOTE:   We encourage clients to book appointments ahead to be able to attend on a regular basis, however, if any appointment is not attended and we are not advised of the non-attendance in advance, ALL future appointments made will be cancelled.

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